Permanently Closed

Due to COVID-19 crisis and governmental resulting actions, unfortunately with heavy hearts we announce that we are now permanently closed.

We are forever grateful to our customers and staff.  We wish you all good health and happiness!

Vendors & business inquiries please contact milissa@elburritomercado.com

Our family’s business EL BURRITO MERCADO remains open at 175 Cesar Chavez st, St. Paul.

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Mission Statement:
To provide a neighborly and joyful ambiance for our guests to feel at home, and to serve traditional, artful Mexican cuisine that is enticing and nostalgic with entertainment variety and cocktails. We strive for our staff to feel that each of them are important contributors to our growth, and that they are a welcomed member of our family’s business.

Para proporcionar un entorno para que todos nuestros clientes se sienten como en casa y que disfruten de comida y bebidas Mexicanas llenas de sabor, nostalgia, y de antojo al paladar con entretenimiento y bebidas del bar.
Nos esforzamos para que nuestros empleados se sientan que cada uno de ellos son contribuyentes importantes a nuestro crecimiento y que son miembros de nuestro negocio familiar.


In 2015, our parents made the decision to retire and entrust and pass the family business over to us, their daughters Milissa, Suzanne and granddaughter Analita.  We are so grateful to our family, staff, community, and friends that have encouraged, prayed and supported us in our family’s journey! 

Thank you for visiting us, we hope you enjoy your experience and please let us know how we can better serve you!

Milissa – I over see general operations for both locations, marketing and advertising, and I am a proud mother of two adult daughters, Alejandra & Julia (you’ll often see Julia hostessing).  I enjoy volunteering on local boards and community organizations, and what most inspired me to take over the former Pepito’s was the opportunity to build our family legacy, to inspire the next generation in our family and to be a part of Latina entrepreneur growth in MN.

Suzanne – I oversee all administrative sides of both business’, I am a busy mother of five kids, my oldest daughter Analita (is also our business partner), my son Jorge-Luis (also works with us in the restaurant), Karina, and twin daughters Catalina & Cecilia.  I love camping with my kids and riding, and what motivated me most about taking over Pepito’s is the future opportunities for our kids plus there’s sentimental value that we could expand our family’s legacy into another established and respected family’s Mexican restaurant.  

Analita – I am the oldest grand-daughter, an owner, second generation, and I focus primarily on the St. Paul location deli, restaurant, cantina, head of catering and general management support.  I’m a very happy first time mother to daughter Laila, the first Silva great-grand-daughter, born February 2019.  Our venturing into a new restaurant gave me the opportunity to take on additional leadership roles in the business, a challenge I’m readily embracing and it’s inspiring to be a part of our own her-story making in the family business. 

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